Dog Boots – How to Size and Wear Dog Bootties

A common mistake that many people make with sizing dog clothes and accessories is that they think if their dog needs a size small sweater, he needs a size small boot. That’s not true. Those boots would be too big and would just get kicked right off. A good rule of thumb is to go down one size from clothing for booties. So if he needs a small sweater he will need size extra small dog shoes. When you first put on the boots, it’s going to look a little silly. You will probably get a good laugh out of it, but over time they will get used to wearing them and will come to appreciate the foot protection when walking outside on the ice and snow. I know for a fact that all my Chihuahuas refuse to go outside when it’s snowing unless they have their little boots on.Boots are not just for winter, either. There are also reflective boots and light boots that can be used in the summer as well. The reflective boots are great for walking at night to have protection from car traffic. Also, the light boots work well at protecting a dog’s paws against chemicals like pesticides put in the grass. Remember, no dog’s feet were made to deal with all the man-made chemicals that are in our environment, so protecting your dog’s paws should not be restricted to just winter. One thing I would advise is not to leave boots on a dog’s feet all the time. This is especially true for puppies because they need to have time to be dogs and let their natural calluses develop. Just be sure that wherever they’re walking is clean and safe.